What Is Board Management Software?

what is board management software

Replaces internal file servers with central repository for all board documents

The right board management tools can make a significant difference to how your business operates. It’s also a great tool to increase the efficiency of board members and efficiency, while reducing the cost of meeting books for physical meetings.

Easy for Administrators

Reduce time by having board members handle more of their own meeting prep tasks, including making agendas and scheduling meetings. Easy-to-use tools help make it easy to create an efficient, detailed agenda that includes all the essential items needed for every meeting. Minutes of meetings can be created in a matter of seconds and then approved. Version control is also automatically managed.

Secure & Private

Aboard meeting software comes with built-in security measures that ensure confidential documents can only be visible to those authorized to see them. This can protect your business against hacking attempts and provide you with peace of mind that your information is secure.

Easy Document Sharing

Create a digital archive of important documents, meetings and other important information in one spot. This will allow your entire organization to access it from anywhere. Discuss board materials with other stakeholders in minutes and eliminate the need for emails to distribute and retrieve important information.

Board management tools can be utilized at any point of the board cycle to enhance governance and efficiency. Learn more about the various committees and boards that use this type of software and find out how it can make your own board processes easier.