How to Run Effective Virtual Meetings

The goal of this article is to help you manage your virtual meetings with ease and make the most of them. Virtual meeting best practices are focused on improving collaboration, avoiding distractions and ensuring everyone is fully involved. If your online meetings aren’t working, you’re losing out on important teamwork and productivity gains.

It’s essential to determine the goal of your meeting. It isn’t important if it’s an issue-solving workshop or status update. The presence of a clear goal will enable you to stay focused and reach your desired result. It’s also helpful to identify the responsibilities of key players in the meeting such as who’s taking notes or facilitating discussions, allowing them to feel empowered and motivated to contribute.

Consider implementing icebreakers or team-building exercises to encourage people to take part in your virtual meeting. You can implement an interactive quiz, a team-building exercise, or even split participants into smaller groups to encourage discussion and brainstorming. When doing this, be sure to respect the privacy of your participants and their privacy. This will make them feel more at ease.

You should have an emergency plan in case of any technical issues that might arise during your virtual meeting. This could mean preparing a short presentation to present prior to your meeting or having someone else take notes to forward them to the meeting after the call. It’s also an excellent idea to solicit for feedback from the attendees to find out what they liked about the meeting and how it can be improved in the future.