How to Host a Board Meeting Effectively

Conducting a board-level meeting is a complex task. You have to balance the need to keep your staff engaged and well-informed while also creating a social atmosphere that encourages collaboration as well as open communication. Use the best practices when conducting a board meeting remotely or in person.

Get Sidetracked

The new discussion topics that pop up during your meeting could eat up your time and divert your team from the main agenda items. It is crucial to give these issues the attention they deserve, while also making sure you are mindful of your goal of making progress towards your organization’s objectives. This can be accomplished by adding the word « parking area » to your agenda, where you can place non-urgent items put on hold for consideration later.

A Clear Sequence

A successful board meeting follows an organized structure that includes the order of business, review of the board book and an explanation of the procedure, a list of upcoming items to be discussed as well as discussion of both the new and old business and adjournment. This allows you to get straight into your key issues and keep your agenda on track.

Keeping your meeting focused isn’t always easy, especially when the subject is the source of a heated debate. A spirited discussion can be beneficial if it helps you get the issue resolved and move on with your agenda. It is a waste to rehash previous discussions during your meeting.