How to Facilitate a Borad Meeting Online

Online board meetings could offer more accessibility than meetings in person However, there are some things that nonprofits need to be aware of. For example, board members who are unfamiliar with virtual meetings may require more support navigating the technology. Certain things that can be done in person might not be possible online, such as using whiteboards to display content or content on flipcharts or flipcharts.

It is important to choose an option that is simple to use, secure and accessible. Encourage your attendees to test out their audio and video equipment prior to when the meeting starts and to disable their microphones when not being used. A moderator could also be helpful. This person can ensure that all of the above systems are working properly and can help you should something go wrong during the meeting.

The most important thing to remember when you are facilitating a remote board is to keep the discussion moving. It is easier when you regularly check in with the remote participants and ask them to share their opinions. In addition, you should encourage participants to participate in the meeting and to share their views. This will improve the participation and cooperation in your online board meetings. In addition, you should end the meeting by asking for feedback. This allows participants to share their thoughts with you in a manner that doesn’t make them feel overwhelmed or intimidated.

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