Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky Windows 28 Comparison

Bitdefender offers more options for users to pick from than Kaspersky. Its malware detection rate as well as anti-phishing score are both very high. It also has a ransomware remediation feature that will reverse the actions of the attacker that erase encrypted files and recovers data. It also defends against man in the middle attacks when connecting to an unprotected network.

Both suites come with a simple interface and are easy to use. Both programs run in the background, detecting threats without disrupting the workflow or slowing down computers. Bitdefender is more effective at not interrupting workflows, as it only alerts users whenever a threat occurs.

During our benchmark tests Bitdefender used lower CPU utilization than Kaspersky. Our Excel test took 13.8 seconds to complete, while Kaspersky’s test took nearly one second longer. This is a big distinction, especially for those who want their computers to run fast and don’t wish to be slowed by an antivirus.

In our tests in the real world, Kaspersky’s protection was solid however, it was slower to react to changes. Additionally, fewer features are available in the free version of Kaspersky than Bitdefender. However, some features are only available on the premium versions.

Both suites provide many options for customer support that include phone numbers, online chat, and an expert community forum. Bitdefender has an advantage in its support center, that provides videos and community-driven responses to the majority of your questions. This allows you to save valuable time by searching online for the solution to your issue, instead of waiting in a long line on the phone.

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